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We go in to a client site, we determine the clients needs, provide the computer equipment, install and setup, either on a purchase or rental basis. We provide "cradle to grave" system installation. We do network cabling installations with Cat-5e and Cat-6 cable to provide a universal cabling system that the end user can use for telephones as well as computer networking. We also run and terminate fiber optic cable installations as well as wireless LANS.

Computer Service/Repair
Problem with your computer booting or running slowly? Windows freezing? System not communicating on the network? Give us a call. With 27 years of experience, we have run into just about everything that can stop your system from running at peak performance.

We have a very special arrangement with our upstream provider. Besides providing modem dial-up access, we also provide DSL, Fractional T1 and T1 access for our clients. We provide a web presence for our clients, e-mail and web mail access as well.

Equipment Rentals
We have found that a lot of our clients are getting tired of trying to keep up with technology. We offer our clients the ability to rent the equipment they need for their offices with the option of an automatic upgrade every two years.